A network that supports people with lung conditions was delighted to receive £1,000 from Wiltshire fundraisers.

Breathe Easy is a network of support groups of the British Lung Foundation.

The North West Wilts group is run entirely by volunteers at Pewsham Community Centre in Chippenham on the first Tuesday of each month.

The funds were provided by the Chippenham Winkle Club, a group of dedicated charity fundraisers.

Breathe Easy arranges all sorts of events for its meetings, such as talks on patient services, arts and crafts and trips to the theatre.

The next event is a bring and buy sale at the community centre on Tuesday, from 2pm-3.30pm.

Later in May the group is running a trip to Slimbridge Wetland Centre and at June’s meeting there will be a demonstration of therapeutic chair-based exercises.

Winkle club members are required to carry their winkle shells at all times and should be able to produce them on command. Failure to do so results in a small fine, which is added to the charitable fund.

Val Scruse, of Breathe Easy, said: “Without the continued support of this novel, often amusing but highly dedicated group, the future of the Breathe Easy Group would not be assured.”

For further details of activities, contact her on 01380 721139.