A village pre-school needs volunteers to help raise funds to build new premises.

Broughton Gifford Pre-school staff hope to raise £15,000 for a purpose-built pavilion at St Mary’s Primary School. Then it could be moved from the village hall where it has been for the past 30 years.

The playschool’s leader Nicole Skinner is leading the group’s fundraising campaign, but says they need more people to be involved.

She said: “Where we are it’s hard to advertise, so that’s our biggest problem, getting people to know that we exist.

“We can’t meet Ofsted’s criteria anymore, so we can only open three days a week and we can’t put up any displays.

“We have to get in at 7.45am in the morning to set everything out, then put it way at the end of the day, so it’s a bit soul-destroying.

“I am a foster carer and it’s really important to me that children get a good start in life.

“It would be great to hear from anyone who can help organise things, or maybe events in Melk- sham, because where we are it’s really difficult, as people can’t always get to us.”

Last Sundaythe group, which caters for 26 children between two and five years old, had its annual spring fair, with a raffle, ploughman’s lunch and a series of stalls. It raised about £260 towards the “dream” new building.

For more information about the group, see www.broughtongiffordpre school.co.uk