Sewage back-up is causing a problem in North Newnton where villagers have been battling for 15 years with Wessex Water to get the problem resolved.

The issue came to a head again during a public meeting between 50 residents, Wessex Water and Environment Agency.

It was decided that this financial year Wessex Water would make modifications to the sewerage system, including installing an overflow pipe in North Newnton.

Work was previously carried out in 2006 and residents are concerned these additional modifications will not resolve the problem.

Mac Mclean, who lives in Park Street, said: “It was quite a firey meeting. Most recently we had problems from Christmas Eve until January 18.

“There was a back-up of sewage which meant that some people couldn’t use their toilets, baths and sinks.

“Wessex Water said this proposal would probably work but they couldn’t be sure, which is why we remain sceptical.”

Wessex Water will now give updates to Pewsey Vale councillor Paul Oatway, who will report to North Newnton Parish Council.

A spokesman for Wessex Water said: “We realise the problems flooding caused in North Newnton during the heavy rainfall earlier this year.

“We have met residents to explain what caused the flooding and how we plan to reduce the likelihood of it occurring again.”