Town councillors in Devizes have agreed that residents of Roundway parish can have an allotment, should any be vacant.

Devizes residents have always taken priority at the Quakers Walk and Windsor Drive allotments, but the council’s recreation and properties committee was told there were vacant plots and no town residents on the waiting list. A Roundway resident had applied for a plot.

Committee chairman Albert Wooldridge said people in Windsor Drive were in the Roundway parish but live in close proximity to the allotments.

He said: “It costs a lot to look after a blank allotment when weeds grow. Until now, the town council has had a long waiting list but this year a lot of people didn’t renew.”

The committee agreed that when Roundway applicants were top of the waiting list they could have an allotment.

Coun Wooldridge, also on Roundway Parish Council, said he would ask Monday’s parish meeting about allowing Devizes residents plots at its allotments in Green Lane.