Flood-hit Malmesbury Vics Football Club could benefit from a grant from Malmesbury Town Council towards fundraising ventures, if approved by councillors.

Initial plans to give the club a six-month rent holiday worth £750 have been scrapped in favour of allowing the Vics to apply for a grant of up to £500 towards club funds.

It’s in response to an appeal by the club for help after it announced last week that it has been struggling to pay bills and even to afford to pay for its last two games of the season.

With a football-free summer meaning three months with no income, members of the club management have said times are desperate for them after they were hit physically and financially by the floods of 2013 and 2012.

“I feel it would be far more effective to support the Vic’s fundraising in this way, rather than a rent holiday,” said Coun Kim Power, who is one of the councillors recommending the club applies for the town council grant.

“The idea is they can use this money to raise more money; more funds to use for fundraising.”

Fellow town councillor Julie Exton, who is the club treasurer, admits the club had hoped to apply for both a grant and a rent holiday.

“I think the council should help with both things,” she said. “Sherston’s council don’t charge their club any rent at all.”