There can be few prouder moments for any parent than seeing a sporting career you helped nurture blossom on one of the game’s biggest stages.

On Sunday, Zoltan and Catherine Szabo will see son Jackson at one of the cathedrals of rugby.

Zoltan, 51, was a coach in the club’s mini section and later at teenage level with Bath.

Jackson said: “I think my earliest rugby memory was when I was about three. He picked me up, put me on his shoulders. One of his mates lobbed a ball at him and it hit me in the face.”

His career hit a rough spell last year, his playing commitments grinding to a halt as teams in Wales – he was at university at Swansea – began picking home-based players only.

“It was only because of the lads talking to him here that he returned to Trowbridge. He’s only been back since Christmas – and now this,” said Zoltan.

“Let’s be honest, we’ll be talking about this for the next 20 years. It’s a fairytale. For Trowbridge themselves, for them to go out there.

“They will remember that until the day they die.”