Swindon Town fans will be shown the yellow card at tomorrow’s end-of-season finale against Rotherham at the County Ground.

But supporters will not see their names scrawled in the referee’s notebook. Instead, Swindon’s Community Safety Partnership will be handing out yellow cards to fans to mark the start of its campaign promoting a trouble-free World Cup.

The cards will remind people of the need to behave responsibly during the tournament, particularly in pubs across the borough.

As well as listing England’s Group D fixtures, the card will warn that anyone committing offences in pubs and clubs could face a two-year ban from licensed premises and Swindon town centre.

Cheri Fayers, the anti-social behaviour manager for Swindon’s Community Safety Partnership, said: “The World Cup is one of the biggest sporting occasions in the world and we want everyone in Swindon to have a great time. However, people also need to be aware that bad behaviour will not be tolerated and there will be consequences to their actions.”