HOLY Rood Catholic Junior School is ready to welcome a new year group now that a purpose-built extension has been completed.

From September the school in Upham Road will welcome 30 new children in a reception class as part of plans to expand onto a site at St Joseph’s Catholic College.

The new school will be known as Holy Cross Primary School, and it is expected it will be fully in place by September 2015.

Holy Rood headteacher Tony McAteer said: “It’s absolutely brilliant we now have the extension because it means from September we become an all-through primary and can offer 30 more children a place in the reception class.

“The Catholic Christian ethos of the existing school will be retained by Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, providing pupils with an excellent education.”

The extension on the back of Holy Rood Junior School has been completed and features a reception class room, a space for children with special educational needs (SEN) and an office for staff.

Mr McAteer said: “There’s a new classroom but we are still waiting for the furniture. There will also be room for the reception class SEN and we have also got a teacher’s work room and an office for the deputy head teacher and the assistant head teacher.”

The project is being overseen by the Clifton Diocese and the school was initially intended to be run by St Joseph’s, but this was reconsidered when the college was placed in special measures by Ofsted.

The diocese and Holy Rood still believe the new school will prove a big boost to the town, especially considering the rising concern over the increasing shortage in school places.

Mr McAteer said: “Expansion into an all-through primary school is very exciting and we are delighted to be able to offer 30 reception class places in September to meet local demand.”

The chairman of the school’s board of governors, Paul Boyes, was also delighted with how the project is proceeding.

He said: “It’s a really positive project and I’m pleased it’s going through. We know that primary education is more beneficial for the children when it takes place all-through on one site so this is really good news for the children.”

To find out more about the expansion project, visit www.holy rood.swindon.sch.uk.