Ooe Bradford on Avon pub has been sold and another is on the market after both have stood idle for months

Admiral Tavern sold The Beef and Barge pub in Trowbridge Road last month and The Bunch of Grapes in Silver Street has been put up for sale by Young’s.

The Beef and Barge, which overlooks Widbrook Marina, closed in January when the tenants, three generations of the same family, decided to leave after almost two years.

Andy Clifford, property and strategy director at the Admiral Tavern, said: “From time-to-time we review the pubs in our estate and occasionally we do have to take the decision to sell a pub that no longer fits our criteria for ownership. The Beef & Barge is such a pub.

“It is always our preference that any pub that we sell remains as a pub, although we have to accept that the issue of future use will ultimately pass into the hands of any new owner and of course the local planning authorities.”

A notice outside The Beef and Barge shows that new business, The Boat House BoA, has moved into the property and it is currently undergoing an extensive refurbishment, but aims to open next month.

The Bunch of Grapes, the name of which dates from 1846, closed in October 2013 when the new tenant left several weeks after moving in.

A Young’s spokesperson said: “We did accept an offer on the property but it fell through, so we put it back on the market three weeks ago.

“There are a number of individuals who are interested in it and some of those individuals are looking to continue to operate it as a pub.”

Tim Burnham, chairman of Bradford on Avon Chamber of Commerce, said: “We have some lovely pubs in Bradford on Avon and it was a shame to see The Bunch of Grapes and Beef and Barge close.

“Bradford on Avon is a big community and hopefully with some investment, these establishments can serve the community once more.”