TEENAGER Carly Bohane’s dad died when she was only nine months old, and now she is having her head shaved in his memory.

The Dorcan Academy pupil’s father, Danny, was only 43 when he lost his battle with bowel cancer in 2001.

The father of five and well respected Honda production co-ordinator spent his last five days in Prospect Hospice with his family, and now his youngest daughter is hoping to raise £1,000 in his memory.

Carly said: “I am shaving my head for the Prospect Hospice because they helped my dad when he was in there and they helped my mum who got to stay there as well.

“He died when I was nine months old. I don’t know anything different but my cousin and my uncle are really close and every time I see them I think I could have had that if it wasn’t for the cancer.”

Carly has so far raised more than £727 for the cause despite her initial target being only £500, and was inspired to have her head shaved by one of her idols.

She said: “We were watching Jessie J shave her head and I am a massive fan of hers. I said that I wanted to do something like that. I wanted to raise £500 but when I hit that target my mum said I should try for £1,000.

Carly is already feeling nervous about having her hair cut off.

She said: “My hair is 3ft 4ins long – my uncle measured it. I think it’s going to be quite emotional. I’ve always had long hair and I’ve never had it cut short.”

Carly, who plans to have her long hair cut short before her head is shaved to a grade 1, will donate the hair to be made into wigs for children by the Little Princess Trust.

  • Carly plans to have her head shaved on May 16 in Eldene Community Centre from about 7pm.