BINNY the dog has found a loving home after being heartlessly left for dead in a recycling bin.

Roofer Rob Turner, 25, found the frightened puppy in a cardboard box in March and he took the dog to Vet’s Klinic, in Callenders, West Swindon, across the road from the bin store.

Rob said: “I was surprised anyone in their right mind could have abandoned the little fellow. I just hoped that the vets would be open and that they would know what to do for the best.”

The vets treated the six-week-old, a cross between a Pomeranian, a basset hound, a wire fire terrier, a Yorkshire terrier and a curly-coated retriever, who was severely underfed. Fortunately, Binny didn’t have any serious injuries and after falling in love with him, Katie Alder, 29, a nurse at the centre, has adopted him.

She said: “I wasn’t in when Binny came in but I got a text from a colleague to say a puppy had come in and he could die.

“The first couple of days were critical for him but thankfully he’s come through this and there’s been a happy ending.

“I took him in as I’m just a sucker for needy animals and he’s so cute. I tried my best to think of a name for him. Everyone kept referring to him as ‘the bin dog’ and then Binny just stuck.”

Binny has lots of new friends to play with at Katie’s home in Wantage, Oxfordshire, as the nurse owns two other dogs, three cats and two guinea pigs.

“The dogs, Buzz and Jake, are a little bit older so it might take a bit of getting used to, having an energetic puppy around, but it’s a lot of fun,” Katie said.

Vet’s Klinic were so shocked by Binny’s ordeal that they have made a video to highlight the importance of owners taking responsibility for their pets and encouraging them to seek help if they are struggling to care for them.

Adrian Caunter, head vet at the surgery, said: “Unfortunately the story of abandoned animals is not an unfamiliar one. It is concerning that anyone could be so cruel to do this to a defenceless puppy.

“I do worry about what happened to the rest of Binny’s siblings in the litter.”

Vet’s Kitchen, the vet’s sister company, has also promised Binny a lifetime’s supply of food. To see the vet’s video, visit