Pupils at Bratton Primary School recently held a Health and Safety Week.

There were several visitors to the school including a State Registered Nurse who discussed how the children can stay healthy through looking after their bodies and washing well.

Cook Catherine Maxwell talked about healthy foods and then prepared healthy savoury snacks to eat later in the day.

One school governor said: “We don’t normally eat couscous at home, but now my children want to eat it all the time.”

Pupils from Year 5 agreed that the scones they made were truly delicious.

Fire Officer Martin Waker enthusiastically joined in role pay in the reception playground. Officer Waker ‘set fire’ to the children’s playhouse (with cardboard cut-out flames) and the children had to use water and plastic tubing to create a fire hose and put out the fire. The children experimented with gravity, water flow and pressure, and also had a great lesson in team work.

The week was organised by teacher Stephanie Harding, who said it was full of vibrant interactive activities and all the children benefitted from the experience.