A lurcher saved at the 11th hour is looking for a loving home in North Wiltshire.

When homeless Perry was picked up by the pound four months ago, malnutrition and neglect had lead to weak wrists and mange, a skin disease caused by mites.

Once taken into local authority care, dogs have seven days to be claimed. After that they are dependent upon goodwill, direct rehoming or the availability of a rescue kennel.

Luckily Perry was taken in by Greyhound Rescue West of England (GRWE), whose volunteer staff nursed him back to health.

GRWE press officer Stuart Parslow said: “Pounds are full to bursting with wonderful dogs. National data suggests that every hour, local authorities in the UK euthanise a healthy dog. These are dogs that could have been a beloved family pet but ended up stray.

“Perry is a lovely dog who will be a smashing companion for someone in the area.

“He had been living in a dog pound through no fault of his own after finding himself homeless. He was emaciated when he was taken into a pound in January, and it has taken until now to get him to a point where he is fit to be homed. He had weak wrists due to poor feed and his nails were a mess.

“He looks brilliant now and is ready to find his forever home.”

Once Perry is rehomed, the charity will be able to use his kennel space to save another vulnerable dog.

It recommends greyhounds need two 20-minute walks a day and should not be left for more than four hours at a time on their own.

Last year GRWE rehomed 15 dogs in North Wiltshire. Visit www.grwe.com