THE story of Canon Andrew White, dubbed the Vicar of Baghdad, will be told in Devizes tomorrow evening to highlight the plight of Christians living in Iraq.

David Post will give a presentation at Sheep Street Baptist Church at 7.30pm on Mr White’s work of reconciliation between the Christian and Muslim communities through St George’s Church in Baghdad, the last remaining CofE church in Iraq, which was torn apart by civil war following the allied invasion of 2003.

Roger Edward-Jones of the Devizes Partnership of Churches said: “St George’s welcomes allcomers, Christian survivors from other churches and any others who wish to join them.

“It has a kindergarten, the Mothers Union distributes food parcels to destitute families (irrespective of their religion or politics) – 900 parcels were given out the weekend our speaker was there.

“The church has its own clinic, treating over 2,000 patients a month entirely free of charge, with four doctors, two dentists, a laboratory, pharmacy and X-ray room. “Andrew, who has multiple sclerosis, is treated in Baghdad using his own stem-cells.”