Malmesbury's ‘sitting monk’ statue was officially unveiled to the public this week.

The statue, which sits on the corner of Oxford Street, was made by sculptor William Lazard, also known for the ‘sitting Cistercian monk’ at Abbey House Gardens.

The new statue, which has been donated to the town council by a local family, is designed to represent the area’s rich history.

Speaking through its own whimsical Facebook page, The Sitting Monk said: “Well that was short but rather nice, my unveiling.

“I was almost roused from my meditation to point out that I have been on this spot for a number of weeks now, and already have many friends, but the little ceremony was rather pleasant, so I kept my peace. And no one attempted to remove my cowl.

“Many people took photographs, and I know that my creator, Giant Bill, would love to see them.”