MUSIC fan Bryan Sutton died after a collision with a car while taking a shortcut home after a night out in Swindon, an inquest heard.

Peter Hatvany, Wiltshire and Swindon assistant coroner, sitting yesterday at Salisbury Coroners' Court, reached a death by road traffic collision verdict after hearing the circumstances of how Mr Sutton died in the early hours of November 9, last year.

Mr Sutton, 53, of Cheney Manor Road, was crossing the B4289 Great Western Way, between Bruce Street Bridges and the North Star roundabout, at 2am, when a black Vauxhall Corsa, being driven by Jack Picton, 18, collided with him.

Mr Sutton, who'd been seen earlier in the evening at the Sir Daniel Arms, in Fleet Street, had chose to cross the 40mph road rather than use an underpass.

The court heard that Mr Sutton had suffered multiple traumatic injuries which had led to his death.

PC Scott Hill, from Wiltshire Police's collision investigation unit, said that Mr Sutton had been seen on CCTV near Swindon train station at 1.30am.

He said: "The CCTV shows Bryan walking and I would describe it as a long stride with a weavy gait. I don't know his stride but I would say that was indicative of someone who'd had a drink."

A statement, read by Mr Hatvany, from Mr Sutton's mother Sheila Sutton said that the deceased would regularly go to band nights in Swindon but wasn't a big drinker.

A toxicology report showed that Mr Sutton, who was unemployed, had 128 milligrams of alcohol in his blood. The legal driving limit is 80 milligrams.

Following the collision, which caused substantial damage to the front of the Corsa, Mr Picton stopped the vehicle around 160 meters away from the collision on the wrong side of the road.

The emergency services were called but Mr Sutton was pronounced dead at the scene at 2.19am.

Mr Picton, who lives with his parents in Swindon, was taken to Great Western Hospital after suffering minor injuries.

He'd been working as a glass collector at a pub and after returning home at around 1.30am a friend had asked if he could pick him up. This was where he was driving to at the time of the incident.

Mr Picton, who passed his driving test last July, dismissed PC Scott's evidence claiming he was traveling between 47mph and 57mph when the collision happened.

"I know I was doing 40mph," said Mr Picton, who blew a zero reading when breathalyised at the scene.

"I think he has got it wrong."

Mr Sutton's brother John was at court to hear the verdict.

Mr Hatvany said: "He was dressed in dark clothing, chose not to walk down a nearby underpass, he was returning from a live music venue at a level of intoxication but not drunkenness.

"I don't accept that the Corsa was traveling at 40mph but I make no judgement as to whether Mr Sutton would of survived if the car was traveling at 40mph as its not for me to allocate blame.

"I'm grateful to the police for doing a thorough job, I send my condolences to Mr Sutton's family and thank Mr Picton for his assistance."