Warminster West councillor Stephen Welling resigned from the town council today.

With the growth and expansion of his business Mr Welling is being called upon to test and inspect small fairground devices and inflatable play equipment all over the UK.

Mr Welling, who sat as a Conservative, said: “I feel that I am no longer able to serve the constituents of Warminster to the best of my ability as some of my work comes in at short notice and can take me anywhere in the country.

"It is with regret that I tender my resignation as a member of the council.”

Mayor Paul Batchelor said “I respect Councillor Welling’s reasons for his resignation and fully understand that he is unable to make a full contribution to the council.”

Wiltshire Council’s electoral services will now publish a notice of vacancy on the May 16 which will invite any ten electors from the electoral area to request an election.

If a request is received an election will take place no later than August 11.

If no such request is received within 14 working days, authority will be given to co-opt a replacement to Mr Welling.