Police in Malmesbury are keen to remind residents to protect their properties after reporting a 20 per cent rise in non-dwelling burglaries in the area in the last year.

In the last week, six incidents have been reported to police of non-dwelling burglaries in the Filands, Brokenborough and Sherston area with offenders forcing their way in to sheds and garages stealing a quad bike, petrol and tools.

All of the above took place overnight on May 7 and May 8 and are believed to be linked.

These are some of many incidents recorded by police contributing to the rise, which was detailed in a police report to Malmesbury Area Board on Wednesday last week.

“This is something we are very keen to reduce,” said Sergeant Martin Alvis.

“Obviously we had those six last week and they can really all come along in one and then you can not have any for a while.

“We would advise people to secure their sheds, put an alarm in and make a note of any suspicious behaviour.”

Police also reported that burglaries in the home are up slightly as well with 34 such crimes between March 2013 and March this year.

Other crimes, such as vehicle crime, violence against the person, and criminal damage and arson are down on the year before.

Reports of anti-social behaviour are also down by 14 per cent from 268 incidents in 2012/2013 to 230 incidents in 2013/2014.