Bromham shopowners Adrian and Thea Dunn are urging people to use the Post Office or it will close.

The Post Office relocated to Bromham Stores, in The Chantry, at the beginning of February, but the couple say usage is disappointing.

Mrs Dunn, 41, said: “Business at the Post Office has been really slow. People don’t seem to know it’s moved. The shop is subsidising the Post Office and we have got the Post Office on a year’s contract and if at the end of the year it’s not been worthwhile we will say it’s got to go.

“The Post Office isn’t making anything, the shop is holding it up at the moment. The Post Office has to be viable. It cost us personally a lot of money to put in the Post Office facility in the shop.”

The Post Office was previously in New Road, Bromham, and was run by David Price for 16 years, before he retired at the end of January. Mr Dunn took on an extra member of staff with the relocation of the Post Office.

It is open for longer than previously and open seven days a week, the same hours as the shop.

Mr Dunn and his wife took over Bromham Stores in June 2011. They moved from Swanage, Dorset, where Mr Dunn was a stonemason. They have ten-year-old twins, a boy and a girl.

Mrs Dunn said: “When I used the Post Office when it was at David’s place there were always people in there and sometimes there were queues. Now, sometimes only a handful of people a day are using it, it’s just such a shame.

“I don’t know if people, including in Rowde and Sandy Lane, know that it has moved to our shop. I think it’s lack of awareness that the Post Office is still in Bromham. We really need people to use it otherwise we are going to lose it.”

Peter Paget, chairman of Bromham Parish Council, said: “I am disappointed that more people are not using the Post Office. It could be because it’s difficult to park there, but if it’s not paying we shall lose it.”