Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital has benefited by £35 thanks to the swan sweepstake run in Bradford on Avon.

Out of the seven eggs, five cygnets were born throughout last week, one cygnet hatched and died, and the last egg never hatched and is still in the nest by the Town Bridge.

They were born before the start of the Swan Sweepstake, where people could bet when the first egg would hatch between May 15 and 22, the winner being the person whose time slot was closest to the time.  

Each slot cost 50p, which goes to the hospital.

Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital volunteer Terry McClure, who has specialised in swan rescues for 20 years, said: “The hospital does find it hard as they get a lot of calls and they are open 365 days a year.

“It is lovely to see people keeping an eye out for them (the swans). I think there is more information now.

"People used to think they were dangerous but they respect them now.

“It would be nice if it could be an annual thing. Swans generally go back and use the same spot.”

James Sullivan-Tailyour, owner of The Swan Hotel who set up the swan sweepstake, said he would continue the challenge next year.

The family of two swans and five cygnets has been gliding up and down the River Avon in the town and if following the example of previous years, will settle in Avoncliff, further down the river.