Drama students from Warminster School are taking their adaptation of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales to the Edinburgh Festival in August.

The upper sixth A-level students Matthew Stone,17, Blake Scammell, 18, Oliver Pitts, 17, Jack Osborne, 17, Tom Jaggs, 18, and Ben Ecclestone, 18, will be making the trip to Scotland, calling themselves The Lord Weymouth Players.

Their play, The Canterbury Crawl, will run for six nights at the festival from August 18 to 23 and the group have taken their title from the former name of Warminster School.

Budding thespian Blake said: “We are thrilled to be playing at the festival.

“We are all looking forward to it and it’s a great opportunity for us to demonstrate Warminster School drama.”

Before making the trip to Scotland they honed their skills by performing at the Warminster Athenaeum on Thursday in the school’s summer show.

Inspired by Chaucer’s famous tales their adaptation is comical, fast paced and set in the modern age.

It tells the story of six pilgrims and their escapades on a pub crawl.

The play is suitable for all the family and involves puppetry, multiple role playing, grotesque caricatures and exaggerated gesture.

The school’s head of drama Annabel Hooper will be going with them to Edinburgh.

She said: “I am excited to be taking such a talented group of young people to perform at the festival.

“This is a phenomenal opportunity and although it will be hard work, what a fantastic way to spend the summer before starting university.”