WORKERS set for redundancy at Honda are allegedly being identified with a tap of their shoulder whilst they work, in full view of their friends and co-workers.

The allegations have come from the wife of a production associate who has watched his friends picked off, one-by-one, by line managers who are stalking departments with the bad news.

The claims have been backed by Unite’s regional co-ordinating officer in Swindon, Jim D’Avila, who has blasted the methods being adopted by chiefs at Honda of the UK Manufacturing (HUM).

The wife, who chose to remain anonymous, said: “This week they made their announcement on compulsory redundancies and they have been using a shoulder tap to let people know if they are going.

“People are doing their jobs and the powers that be are going around tapping them on their shoulders.

“They are walking them to their lockers and escorting them off-site. They are letting them work their full shift and then being told they’re out. It’s just the most appalling way to be handling the situation.”

On Monday, HUM announced it would be making 99 compulsory redundancies as a part of its wider attempt to cut 340 permanent and 160 temporary staff from its ranks.

It has spent this week informing those unfortunate few who will be made redundant, though they are being offered the same enhanced package dished out to those who chose to leave voluntarily in April.

Mr D’Avila said Unite was creating a list of all the actions taken by HUM which must be improved upon in any future redundancy option.

“We advised them to do it differently. If they have to do it, they should’ve done it by letter and said you will continue to work until you get invited to a meeting.

“Now, it’s like the secret police or Gestapo are coming along while they’re all working. When somebody’s spoken to, everyone knows they’re going. They don’t even get the opportunity of saying goodbye. It’s done deliberately so the individuals feel isolated.”

A HUM spokeswoman said: “Associates have been discreetly asked to come off line to a preliminary meeting to discuss provisional selection for redundancy.

“At the preliminary meeting they are given a very polite letter that invites them to attend an individual consultation meeting . After this preliminary meeting they are allowed to leave site on full pay.

“We are hoping to complete the process by May 22 and will then write to all associates to take them off risk.”