DETECTIVE Chief Inspector Sean Memory has said getting justice for Becky Godden-Edwards’ murder is his first priority.

Crucial finds, described by police only as ‘other items’ found in the farmer’s field where Becky was buried could take six weeks to analyse by the same forensic firm that solved the Stephen Lawrence murder.

Police have confirmed the items, recovered in the remote field in Eastleach, near Fairford along with a bone belonging to Becky, are not more human remains but instead are ‘items of property’.

Wiltshire Police DCI Sean Memory said: “The other items are not body parts but are items of property that have been recovered.

“The other items are not necessarily Becky’s and we are waiting for them to be forensically analysed by LGC Forensics.

“This will probably take about six weeks.

“I’m really open minded about what these other items might tell us.

“My first focus is getting justice for Becky.

“I’m not going to rule anything out, including third party involvement or that Halliwell may not have been involved.

“It is difficult to say if we are any closer to a conviction. I need to build the trust of Becky’s family and be as thorough with this investigation as possible, following every lead.

“I’m devoting as much time as I can to it.”