Almost £9,000 in grants have been given out for projects to commemorate the First World War.

Tidworth Area Board's meeting on Monday was a themed First World War evening with a special display by historian Richard Broadhead showing how Wiltshire was involved and affected by the war.

Communities updated on the plans they have made to remember The Great War including: 

• A remembrance orchard with 12 fruit trees in Collingbourne Ducis

• An exhibition on November 8 and 9 in Ludgershall

• A history exhibition and commemoration service in Netheravon.

• Renovation of the war memorial in Enford

• An exhibition in Tidworth comparing life now to 1914 and a special event where people can bring in treasured items from that time to be viewed by experts

• Commemorative mugs for every Everleigh resident, designed by school children.

There will be a special service on July 30 in Tidworth cemetery at 10am organised by Wiltshire Council and HQ 43 Wessex brigade, where children will lay crosses on a memorial wall accompanied by a band.

Chair man Chris Williams, who was elected again alongside vice-chairman Mark Connolly, said: “These commemorations are really bringing all our communities together and it’s good to see how the grants from the area board will help create special moments for each area to remember their own soldiers who went to war.”

The meeting also awarded a number or community grants. A grant of £3,523.50 was given to Phoenix Hall, Netheravon to upgrade audio-visual equipment, Ludgershall Memorial Hall received £1094.50 for CCTV equipment and £950 was given to Castledown Bowls Club for a shed to store equipment.

A grant of £1,946 was awarded to fund four weeks of young people’s summer activities from August 4 to 29 including parkour (free running) and art in parish locations.

There was also a grant of £3,000 for Tidworth Community Area Partnership.

Details of Wiltshire soldiers can be found Mr Broadhead's website