LABOUR leader Ed Miliband has apologised for not knowing who Jim Grant, leader of the Swindon Labour group, was in a BBC radio interview yesterday morning.

The opposition leader failed to identify who Coun Grant was or even his own party’s status on Swindon Council.

The party had put up Mr Miliband for an interview on Ben Prater’s show shortly after 8.30am, when he tripped up in his description of what Labour is doing in Swindon.

Asked what he made of Jim Grant, Mr Miliband needed the presenter to tell him who exactly Coun Grant was.

Now, in a video which has surfaced online, Coun Grant has spoken out on the matter.

He said: "I have spoken to Ed this morning (yesterday). He apologised for the lack of briefing that he had.

"I think these things happen. I don't think it's going to affect this election in any way, shape or form on Thursday."

What Ed said...

Ben Prater: “What do you make of Jim Grant?”
Ed Miliband: “I beg your pardon?”
BP: “Jim Grant, do you think he has done a good job?”
EM: “I think that lots of Labour representatives are doing a good job right across the country and I...”
BP: “You do know who Jim Grant is, Mr Miliband?”
EM: “You will enlighten me, I am sure.”
BP: “Swindon Labour leader.”"
EM: “Yeah, I think he is doing a good job.”
BP: “Will he feel like you support him enough if you don’t even know his name?”
EM: “Well he is doing a good job as leader of the council, Jim is, and I think that is the case.”
BP: “I mean it’s Swindon Labour leader. Do you think by your comments now people might be a bit perplexed by why you wouldn't know who Jim Grant is?”
EM: “No, I know that Jim is doing a good job for Swindon and I think he is doing a good job as leader of the council.”
BP: “But he is not the leader of the council is he, Mr Miliband? It’s a Conservative led council.”
EM: “I think he is doing a good job for Labour on the council. I think he is doing a good job for Labour on the council.”
BP: “So let's be clear. Who runs Swindon council?”
EM: “It’s a Conservative-controlled council.”