A group of musicians named the Gifted Organs have released two new singles in the hope their songs will spread awareness of the need for more organ donors.

The group includes singer and guitarist Andy Eddy, of Sandy Ridge in Calne, and Bath-based musicians James Tottle and Daniel O’Rourke.

All three have received organ donations and their songs, recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in Box, reflect on their life-saving gifts.

Mr Eddy, 47, had a liver transplant five years ago, after falling ill with primary sclerosing cholangitis, a chronic liver disease.

He is now chairman of Transplant Sport, the charity responsible for organising the annual Transplant Games in which more than 600 transplant recipients take part in over 20 sports.

The songs, Heaven’s Streets and Restoration, are available on iTunes and all profits will go to Transplant Sport.

The group also recorded a third song, written by Mr Eddy, called Be By My Side.

Mr Eddy, whose wife Lynn is also involved with the charity, said: “If people have a transplant, it means they would have died otherwise. When people get back to fitness, they can do sport again.They can feel fit and healthy.

“By making a record, it’s not just about selling it to make money for the charity, it is also about improving awareness for the need to donate organs.

“We’re hoping someone listening will think, ‘That’s a decent tune, what’s it about?’ The band also has non-transplant members Julian Kay and Finn Cranham, from Chippenham, and Gabriel Ciechan and Dominic Guerin, from Bath.

Mr Tottle, 44, is a singer songwriter and the author of animated iPad book Space Cadet 56. He had a heart transplant 15 years ago and created the song Restoration alongside Mr O’Rourke and Mr Kay, the band’s pianist.

He said: “The first lines of Restoration are, ‘It’s all done and dusted, in your hands entrusted you the key to my restoration.’ “The words tell what I felt like when I went in for my transplant. I was in the hands of the doctors and nurses.

“My transplant was the key to my restoration, as within six months my life was back to normal.”

For more information, see www.transplantsport.org.uk.