Waitrose has submitted plans to put up more than 60 signs – some illuminated – at its store in Malmesbury, in a conservation area.

The town council, St Paul’s Without Parish Council, the Residents Association and Malmesbury Greenfield Campaigners have submitted objections.

Many signs are for information, such as opening times and details on parking.

However, there also plans for four illuminated signs, two measuring 4.7ft high and 22ft wide , with the store logo.

Caroline Moore, of the Malmesbury Greenfield Campaign, who lives near the store, said: “The Waitrose site already dominates the approach into Malmesbury and views from the by-pass.

“It therefore has little need for signage visible outside the site, telling potential customers of its existence.

“Waitrose should be asked to add signs indicating the way to the High Street.

“They could have a map similar to the one at Old Station Yard, as the route will not be obvious to visitors unfamiliar with the town, or who are simply disoriented by recent changes.

“This would also be an opportunity for local businesses to work with Waitrose to promote awareness of the High Street.”

People have until Tuesday to support or object to the plans to Wiltshire Council.

The company has said parking for 170 employees at its new Malmesbury store will be considered in the weeks after it opens, amid rumours that job applicants were told no staff parking would be provided.

Store spokesman Anya Fisher told the Gazette & Herald that, under the company’s green initiative, it would be encouraging employees to take public transport, walk or cycle before looking at staff parking.

It comes after questions were raised on social networking site Facebook, highlighting concerns that staff would not be allocated parking spaces and would have to find alternative sites in the town if they were planning to drive.

Ms Fisher said: “It’s still in the early stages.

“During the opening weeks, we will discourage staff from using the car parks, to try to encourage more customers.

“After that, there will be a designated area for staff, but it depends branch-to-branch on how busy the store is and how successful it is.”

The store is scheduled to be completed in August.

Waitrose announced last week that it had begun recruiting staff for its new Malmesbury store.

It aims to create 170 jobs which are being advertised through www.jlpjobs.com.

The company said that recruitment was due to close on Sunday.