Wiltshire Council is being urged to act over the lack of parking at County Hall for visitors.

Concerns were raised by residents at the Trowbridge Area Board meeting last Thursday and councillors resolved to write a letter urging the council to take action.

Cllr Graham Payne, who chairs the area board, said at the meeting: “It is difficult for visitors to get into the car park at County Hall, especially for those wanting to use the library. They can’t park and end up going home instead.

“We were assured 18 months ago that there would be reserved spaces for library users, but that just hasn’t happened.

"A lot of people feel very let down by this and the council needs to take action.”

Regular library user John Fairbrother, of Alderton Way, Trowbridge, said he has complained numerous times to the council, because staff often use the 66 spaces intended for library visitors.

He said the issue has been on going since the library opened at the council’s headquarters in September 2012, replacing the one across Bythesea Road.

Despite contacting the council several times over the matter, he believes the problem is no better.

Mr Fairbrother said: “There is a serious lack of parking for users of the new library and also for the visitors and staff, which is due to very poor planning when they spent millions improving the building.

“I was told that staff had been cut and parking should improve, but this has not happened in any shape or form. Just last week I tried to park my car and found all the spaces taken, with some cars even parked in front of other cars.

“It’s incredibly frustrating, but the council just doesn’t seem to listen. It’s almost impossible to get a space and I have spoken to other staff members at County Hall who also agree with me.

“Something needs to be done and the council has to take notice, because the library is a wonderful facility, but people won’t be able to make the most of it if they have difficulty parking.”

A Wiltshire Council spokesperson said: “It is important people are able to use the services and enjoy the facilities County Hall has to offer as easily as possible, and we apologise that some people are still have difficulties at peak times since increasing our visitors’ parking bays from 26 to 66.

“However, we would like to assure people that we are working on plans to improve the situation for visitors and staff.

“We are aiming to put parking orders in place on the County Hall car parks, and this will mean we will soon be able to enforce any inconsiderate parking, or parking which contravenes those orders."