Visitors to an unusual exhibition at West Lavington Manor next month will have an opportunity to ‘play’ a tree in the grounds.

Organisers of the forthcoming exhibition, taking place from June 5 to 22, have recently been awarded a grant by the National Lottery Awards4All programme.

This grant will pay for sculptor Michael Fairfax to string a live tree in the garden so that visitors can strum and hear the sounds they make resonate through the wood by an ear trumpet fixed into the trunk.

Mr Fairfax has also made other sculptural pieces, all from wood, and some of them can be played to make sounds which the artist describes as being like electronic music.

Young carers, supported by Youth Action Wiltshire, will take part in a workshop with Mr Fairfax to learn how to play the ‘instruments’.

Tickets for YAW’s event are available by emailing Full details are at www.