FITNESS enthusiast Jeremy Redford is gearing up for an appearance in the Guiness Book of World Records as part of his bucket list, by attempting 5,000 burpees in 12 hours.

Jeremy, 41, of Watch-field, writes a fitness blog and has compiled a list of challenges he wants to tick off his list.

On 7 June he will be at the Watchfield village fete, looking to complete as many burpees as he can.

Burpees are described as the ultimate full body workout, including a squat thrust, push up and vertical jump.

“It is going to be fairly challenging, and no-one has done more than 5,000 at a time,” said Jeremy. “That is a fair indication of how difficult it is going to be. Guiness World Records might have just set that as a target, because I can’t find who has set an original record, if any.”

After a member of the family was diagnosed with epilepsy, Jeremy will be giving any donations to Young Epilepsy, who support teenagers and young people living with the condition.

“My nephew was diagnosed with epilepsy recently so I am raising money for the Young Epilepsy charity, which is close to my heart and the local community,” he said.

“I have put a target down to raise £1,000, but I have got £420 already so I might have to raise it slightly.

“It would be lovely if I could get £1 for each burpee I do.”

Training is going well and Jeremy expects to smash the target of 5,000.

“I am actually training myself to do 8,000,” he said. “I have already made 5,000 over a 12 hour period, but that has been split into three hour sections, and does not factor in all the repetitions I’m going to have to do.

“I have got a timer set up that goes every minute. During that minute I will do 14 burpees which take 40 seconds, then 20 seconds rest. I do that 24 times, and in those 24 minutes I have five minutes off. Then I will have a nine minute break and will repeat that eight times.

“I have been training for quite a long time. I applied to the world records in January and started training then, but I have been doing burpees for the last couple of years.

“I used to work on a boat so there was limited floor space to work out, so the burpee was my exercise of choice. I have got a nutrition plan sorted and have made a lot of my own stuff along with gel packs to keep me going.”