TEACHERS at Commonweal School earned some serious street credibility as they took to the stage at an all-dancing, all-singing cabaret night in aid of the Adver’s 160 Appeal.

From a rap choir, to a mock boy band tribute and even a ventriloquist act, not to mention senior staff dressing in drag for the night, staff pulled out all the stops to impress on Wednesday and raised more than £2,000 for the campaign in aid of Prospect Hospice in the process.

One of the cabaret’s highlights was a music video featuring teacher-cum-heartthrobs Wrong Direction, finally shown to spectators after much hype. The musical extravaganza was introduced to the school back in 2011 by head of music Ali Sutcliffe and maths teacher Liam Stacey to raise funds ahead of running the London Marathon. 

It proved so popular that a second cabaret was staged in 2013 and the fundraiser has now been adopted as an annual fixture in the Commonweal calendar. “It was fantastic,” said Ali. “It was absolutely rammed. Lots of staff came to support and watch. “The hype was huge because staff were performing and also because of the Wrong Direction tribute. “I played the double bass and we had a staff choir that rapped to Gangsta’s Paradise and there was a dance to Dirty Dancing with staff and students.

"The headteacher played a song and we even had ex-students come back to perform who are now doing well as musicians.

“It was the best night I’ve ever been part of at the school.”

During the interval the senior management team – all men – received a makeover worthy of any Broadway divas, complete with glittery eye shadow, lip-gloss and blusher to the amusement of their colleagues and pupils.

“One of our members of staff passed away a couple of years ago and Prospect helped a lot and other staff have had family members helped by Prospect,” she added.

“And we have parents working for the charity so we chose Prospect this year. It was also an excuse for members of staff to come on stage and have fun and for students to see staff in a different light. “It really was a huge success. We have not finished counting all the money but we have raised between £2,000 and £2,500.”

The Adver is hoping to raise £160,000 for Prospect Hospice by December through the 160 Appeal. To make a donation to the Wroughton charity visit www.prsopect-hospice.net. Alternatively call 01793 816161.