HAPPY couple Archit Chopra and Shruti Tripathi will now tie the knot after Archit proposed to his new fiancee by taking out an ad in the Adver.

Archit, 25, director at the Vets Klinic, met his bride-to-be in India six years ago, and the pair will be getting married in Delhi in July after the intricate plan was arranged for Shruti.

Inviting her to Swindon from London for the weekend, Archit arranged a photo shoot at Lydiard Park, telling Shruti there was a feature in the Adver about his work at the clinic.

As she was flicking through Saturday’s paper she was faced with a half-page advert reading: “Shruti Tripathi, will you marry me?”

She immediately said yes – and ordered her new fiance out to gather copies of the paper as a memento.

“My first plan was to take her to The Shard and surprise her there,” said Archit. “Unfortunately there were not any bookings available. “I am local to Swindon and work with the Vets Klinic, who do a lot of work with the Adver. I got in touch with the paper and spoke about the things we could do, and we came up with this advert idea.

“Shruti and I normally meet on the weekends, so she came to Swindon on Saturday and we planned a barbecue at Lydiard Park. I told her we would be taking pictures, so she should dress accordingly.

“When we got there I told her the photo shoot was for Vets Klinic, and said the Adver were doing a feature. “I told her to flick through the paper to look for it. “I don’t think she was expecting to see that at all. It looked excellent when it came out. I wanted it to stand out and it did brilliantly.”

Archit had already arranged the wedding with their parents in India but the couple wanted a real proposal.

“She knew it was coming any time now,” Archit said. “We are getting married in July in Delhi, but we always had this idea to do a proper proposal. It worked out exactly how I wanted it to.”

Shruti, 25, said: “It was just so amazing. I was so excited. We are completely not the romantic sort or ones for public displays of affection, but I loved it. I made him go out and walk to the Link Centre to buy loads of copies straight away.

“I knew there would be something coming but I thought he would be doing it in India with all our families there. I certainly wasn’t expecting anything on Saturday.”

The couple went to IP University together in Delhi before moving to the UK in 2009 to study international journalism at Cardiff University. Archit then moved to Swindon for work, and six months later Shruti found employment in London.

They will officially tie the knot in a three day ceremony in Delhi between July 5 and 7.