A dad from west Wiltshire who was found guilty of allowing his son to truant from school has successfully had the conviction overturned.

The 40-year-old said he had removed the teenager from classes because of bullying and was having him educated at home.

And when the case was brought before a judge at Swindon Crown Court last Thursday, prosecutors said they would not contest the appeal.

The dad, who was representing himself, told an earlier hearing he had withdrawn his 14-year-old son from school as he was not safe there.

He told a judge: "I have not broken the law Your Honour. If my child is not safe I have the legal right to home tutor my boy."

The unemployed father said he would call the headteacher of the school and council workers to prove he had told them what he was doing.

He said he had brought in a 'proper home tutoring company' to educate his child at home.

The dad had been convicted of failing to secure regular attendance of his son between early January and late April last year.