CHISELDON newsagent Chaplins has temporarily moved while its former premises is knocked down and rebuilt – which will allow them to offer improved services.

The store, based in Station Road, will be running from the nearby Chiseldon House Hotel until the end of September while a larger store is built.

When it is complete the shop will stock its normal supplies as well as having a new Post Office and an off licence. This means residents will be able to cash cheques, pay money into their accounts and also get foreign currency, among other services.

Dawn Perwett, who has run the store since 1985, said: “The old building should be completely down today.

“When the new premises is built it will be three times bigger, with storage, staff toilets and running water, all of which we didn’t have before.

“I think the people who live in Chiseldon are really looking forward to the work being completed, in particular because of the Post Office, because it’s a five-mile trip to the nearest one at the minute.”

The project, which has cost thousands of pounds, has been partially funded by a Government grant.

Dawn, 56, said she hoped the expansion would pay off and the store, which will be called Oakleys, can take on more staff in the future.

Dawn, who lives in Chippenham and has another Oakleys store in Corsham, said: “It is an exciting time but also a little scary seeing your business being knocked down, but I know it is for a long-term improvement and the former building has served its purpose.

“When we reopen, as well as the name change, we’ll also carry Spar branding but the store will be independent. It’s just that Spar will act as our wholesaler, which will enable us to be more competitive.”

Dawn said she hopes the transition is as smooth as it can be and is thankful to Chiseldon House Hotel for allowing the newsagents to be based there for the next few months.

She said: “The room in the hotel is perfect for us at the minute and the hotel has been absolutely wonderful to allow us to use the space. We are pleased that the new store will be a big benefit to the community and we hope Chiseldon’s residents will continue to support us while we are preparing to move to our improved shop.”