A FEARLESS father will push through the pain barrier as he goes 100 per cent hair free in aid of the Adver’s 160 Appeal for Prospect Hospice.

Michael Whittaker, 46, has not only pledged to have his head shaved in support of the campaign to raise £160,000 for the Wroughton charity, but decided to go the whole hog by waxing his entire body, eyebrows included.

The Nationwide employee initially planned merely to chop off his hair for the hospice at JJ’s hair salon on July 1, but was soon convinced by his colleagues to wax his legs with the promise of more donations.

Then came the idea to shave off his eyebrows and spread the daunting waxing session to his entire body.

“My colleagues challenged me to add a full leg wax,” said the 46-year-old from Abbey Meads. “I have been persuaded by friends and colleagues to up the ante on my challenge, so I am now increasing how far I go based on how much I raise.

“If I raise over £150 I will add in a full leg wax, which apparently is meant to hurt. If I raise over £250 I will shave off one eyebrow and over £300 shave off both eyebrows as an add in.

“If I raise over £500 I will add in a full body wax.”

He added: “My hair is short around the sides so I am going to grow it until the head shave.

“I just think it’s hair, it grows back and it will be fun. I’m quite relaxed about it. My wife Kerrie was shocked when I told her but she was not surprised.

“I am not the sort of person who does things like running. I prefer things a bit more out of the ordinary.”

It will be his biggest challenge for Prospect yet.

“I did the Prospect Fire and Glass Walk last year and raised £600, but apart from that I’ve just supported with donations,” said the father-of-one. “I have got a friend whose mum unfortunately used Prospect’s services. There are people around me whose families have made use of the hospice.

“For me it’s a fantastic cause. It’s local and to be honest you never know when you and your family are going to need them. They do amazing work.

“And they spend money on all the right things. They are building extra facilities but they don’t use this money for that. They use what they raise towards the services and patient care.”

n To sponsor Michael go to http://www.justgiving.com/michael-headshave n To sign up for a head shave in aid of the 160 Appeal contact Rachael Youd on 01793 501962 or at rachael.youd@wiltshire.newsquest.co.uk