Homeowner Lyn Joyce has been trying in vain to get Wiltshire Council to fix a blocked drain which causes water to splash over her Bradford on Avon garden wall since Christmas.

Water has been flooding outside her house in Spencers Orchard since the Christmas Eve floods.

Mrs Joyce, 63, said she has phoned the council several times since then.

She said: “It is the gully drain in Elms Cross Drive that is blocked, and water is continuing to flow down onto the main road causing a huge puddle.

“Cars have been driving through and splashing my wall. It is now black and it will cause deterioration of the wall. I first phoned Wiltshire Council after Christmas and they said they had other priorities because of the flooding. I understood that.”

She said that, in February, Balfour Beatty put bollards up but they had since disappeared.

“It stopped three weeks ago, but started when it rained again. When it is really bad, it comes over the wall and into the garden,” she said.

Retired Mrs Joyce, who has lived in the property with her husband Brian for 20 years, contacted Wiltshire Council again last Wednesday.

She said she told the council that if the drains were unblocked the road surface would not be as badly flooded.

A Wiltshire Council spokesman said: “Since the unprecedented flooding last winter our teams have been working to deal with affected homes and roads as quickly as possible.

“We are aware that on this particular road high levels of flood and spring water can splash onto properties, and we are looking at what can be done as we continue to work through the list of areas which have been affected.

“Wiltshire Council has increased funding from £500,000 to £1m to help alleviate flooding issues.”