A GOLF club’s prized green ‘Masters’ jacket has been lost after one of the club's members got it specially framed.

Colin Driscoll won the Woodbridge Park Golf Club Masters competition at the course in Brinkworth on Saturday, and team member Graham Hill took the jacket, similar to the one presented at the famous US Masters event, to a framing store on Tuesday.

But after leaving the jacket loose on the boot lid of his car, he was horrified to realise that the ceremonial garment had disappeared.

The club are now desperate to have the green embroidered jacket returned to them as it is a one-of-a-kind, and almost worthless to anyone looking to make a few pounds by selling it on.

“I feel quite sick about the whole thing,” said Graham. “I have had to tell the organisers what happened because we had to check to see if anyone had handed it in “We really could not put a price on it, but to anyone trying to sell it it would be worth next to nothing.

“It is the one jacket the winner gets presented with each year, and any replacement just would not be the same. “It’s obviously very important that we manage to find this one again. It could be that someone has picked it up thinking there was money in it and just chucked it away somewhere, or they could be trying to sell it.”

Graham, 51, from Eldene, swindon, had visited Roman Glass in Shrivenham on Tuesday to get the special cabinet made up to display his trophy throughout the year, but ran into difficulties when his boot was too small to hold it.

“I took the jacket from the golf club to get a presentation cabinet made up for it, and I was going to put the jacket in the back of the car,” he said.

“I had left the jacket at the framers, and I drove to pick it up when it was all done. When I went to pick the glass up it turned out it would not fit in the back of the car.

“I had driven there with a friend and we soon realised we could not get it into the car safely. “We tried getting it into the back seat, and had to take the jacket out of the box to get it in. I placed the jacket on the boot of the car, and as soon as the cabinet was safe I closed the door and drove off.”

Graham got as far as Greenbridge in Swindon before he realised the jacket had gone and immediately swung round and came back.

“In our attempt to make the cabinet safe we did not realise we had left the jacket on the back of the car, and when we stopped to check, it was gone,” he said.

But when they arrived back in Shrivenham, the jacket was nowhere to be seen.

“We went straight back to the shop as soon as we found out it was gone, but nobody had seen anything, and there was nothing in the area at all,” he said.

Anyone who has seen the jacket or has any information about it can contact the golf club directly on 01666 510277.