STUDLEY Grange Butterfly World near Wroughton has welcomed it’s latest residents in the form of three Meerkat pups.

The pups have just emerged from their underground burrows and it is thought they are about three weeks old.

The Meerkats are wild and human contact means they get very stressed if they are handled so keepers are keeping a close eye on them from a distance Studley Grange Butterfly World has had a number of new arrivals in the last few weeks including four orphan lambs Pickle, Tickle, Wiggle and Sampson, and three Black Orpington rare breed fowl.

Studley Grange Butterfly World is just off junction 16 of the M4. As well as butterflies and caterpillars, reptiles and birds in the tropical houses; visitors can see otters and meerkats; geese and ducks, turkeys, pheasants, and other favourites in the outdoor animal paddock.

For details of opening times and prices visit or call 01793 852400.