Maternity services have been transferred back into the hands of Bath's Royal United Hospital – after 22 years of the services being run by other NHS providers.

Despite the fact that thousands of babies are born at the RUH every year, the trust has not run maternity services at the hospital since 1992.

However, following a successful bid at the start of the year, the RUH is now contracted to run maternity services for the next three years.

Here are a few things you probably didn't know about births in the RUH's area...

1: There are 4,952 births per year;

2: An average of 13 babies are delivered every day;

3: Marginally more boys aredelivered than girls;

4: Thursday is the busiest day;

5: 182 antenatal women and 75 postnatal women are seen each day;

6: Mothers range in age from 14 to 50 years;

7: Average birth-weight is 7lbs 10oz;

8: 78% of women give birth in hospital;

9: One in five women give birth at home or at a community birthing centre;

10: 21-24% of women in labour are transferred from home or a birthing centre to hospital;

11: and 23% of women have a caesarean section

*Based on data from 2013/14. For more information about maternity services visit