A MAN has died after crashing his car into a garden wall in Cricklade yesterday morning.

Police received a call shortly before 10am to reports of a crash involving one vehicle on West Mill Lane and arrived to find a blue BMW, covered in bricks, having destroyed the wall.

The driver, who was in the vehicle alone, was found unconscious and despite attempts from paramedics, who were also in attendance, to save him the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The exact cause of the incident is not known at this stage but police are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

PC Chris Penny, of the Wiltshire Police Serious Collision Investigation Team, said: “We got the call from the ambulance service at 9.48am about a single vehicle road traffic collision from the ambulance service.

“On arrival the driver was found to be unconscious. He received medical care at the scene but unfortunately he was pronounced dead.

“Inquiries into the cause of the crash are ongoing at this stage but we would ask any members of the public who witnessed anything to contact us.”

Although the crash occurred on West Mill Street, the wall belonged to a detached house in Stones Lane. Anita Britnell, 36, was in the house with her two-year-old son when the car hit the wall.

She said: “I was just doing odd jobs and my son was asleep when suddenly there was this massive bang and the whole house shook.

“We often get large lorries going by so I thought one of them had hit a car or something.

“As soon as I went outside I saw what had happened. There was smoke everywhere and really strong fumes. The driver was passed out at the wheel with his foot on the accelerator.

“One of my neighbours went to help him while the police and ambulance were called. It was just so shocking and sad.”

The wall where the car hit has been totally destroyed and although the car did not hit the house itself, the falling debris has caused a crack in the wall.

Anita said: “The police have said our whole wall will now have to come down because it has come loose from the impact.

“We are also going to have to get a surveyor in to look at the damage to the house.”

If anyone has any information surrounding the crash then they can contact PCs Chris Penny or Jay Clifton on 101.