A crew from Channel Four’s A Place in the Sun: Home or Away was spotted filming in Wiltshire.

Filming took place over three days as presenter Jonnie Irwin showed a couple from Wales around the villages surrounding Trowbridge last week.

The husband and wife have chosen to relocate to this corner of the county as it is in between their children in Wells, Somerset, and Hampshire.

The couple will soon fly out to southwest France to view properties in the Lot region before choosing between living at home or away.

Mr Irwin said: “Everyone has their own image of what makes a perfect place to live. Wiltshire represents the beautiful countryside they are after but it is still fairly affordable.”

Mr Irwin, a property expert who has been presenting the show for ten years, said: “I love to travel and see new places.

"No matter how much you travel you always find something new. And I love the people. There is a different couple each episode, with a different story. The bonds you make are different each week.

“It is an inspirational show and works on lots of levels. It can represent a trip down memory lane, it can inspire people to go to the location on holiday and where to buy a house, and can show what they can get in different parts of the country.

“We show that you can relocate or move abroad and start a new life.

“The property market is at a really interesting time. The one thing people are getting used to, which they shouldn’t, is interest rates. They are unbelievably low.

“It is a good idea that banks are stress testing. Everyone should do it and they should budget.”