Five new-born cygnets at the historic Caen Hill lock flight on the Kennet & Avon Canal in Devizes are proving popular with visitors.

And ecologists from the Canal & River Trust, the charity which cares for 2,000 of waterways in England and Wales, have asked for help from wildlife lovers to name them, as they monitor the cygnets and their mum and dad - Pain and Backside - throughout the summer.

The team are providing regular blog updates, photos and video so that people can watch the mute swan family progress including the young, which were born at the end of April, getting their first swimming lessons, meals and interacting with other wildlife on the waterway.

You can see updates on the swans here

If you want to suggest a name for one of the cygnets email

Laura Plenty, Canal & River Trust ecologist, said: “The cygnets are doing really well at the moment, they are full of personality, and we’ve had visitors from as far away as Australia and Canada who’ve taken an interest in them.

"There is always so much going on at Caen Hill. We’ve seen everything here from snakes to iguanas to TV celebrities in the past, so it will be great to watch the swan family as they interact with everything on the canal.

"It’d be great to give them each a name as we watch them grow and learn the skills they need to survive on their own.

"We like to think we’ve got a few creative brains in the team, but it’d be great if people lent us a hand and gave us their suggestions.

"At this stage we’re not sure which are male and which are female, so names to suit both sexes would be great.

"One thing I would stress though is that like any new parent swans can get a bit protective, so if you are visiting the canal it’s important to give them their space and, importantly, keep dogs on a lead if you are around them.”

Last year the new born swans at Caen Hill were named Marmite, Blackberry jam, Strawberry jam and Lemon curd. 

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