A Melksham producer who juggles her music career with caring for her young son is hoping exposure on a popular Channel 4 drama will help her hit the big time.

Alexis Turvey, better known as dubstep producer Lex Envy, was excited last week to find out that one of her tracks would feature in an upcoming episode of E4’s Youngers, which follows a group of south-east London teenagers trying to break into the urban music scene.

The 31-year-old former George Ward pupil, who works part-time at Devizes’ Cross Manufacturing, said the news had given her hope for her future career.

“I had come to accept I wasn’t going to be able to do much more, so it was really encouraging when I got the email,” she said.

“I have had a couple of albums released of underground stuff, but nothing too big or commercial.

“I have been making music ever since I was about six and I started playing the piano.”

She said her father, Don Turvey, who died in 2002, used to work as a DJ in a club in London and encouraged her to follow her musical dreams.

The track, called Mirror’s Edge, was a collaboration with fellow producer Terror Danjah, and featured on The Dark Crawler album.

Miss Turvey lives with her 18-month-old son Luis on Skylark Road, where she works on her music from her bedroom.

She said: “I make all sorts of different music, dubstep and film scores, so I will compose all the strings and piano myself, then I make it up and put it down on the software.

“I really want to get more into the film stuff, as that’s what I prefer doing. It’s hard with work and a baby, but I would like music to be full time.”

Her work can be heard on www.soundcloud.com/lex-envy, and will feature on the seventh episode of Youngers, which airs on E4 at 7.30pm on Wednesday nights.