Westbury writer Rachel Janice Rodwell is celebrating the release of her second novel, Vampire Cove, The Red Cliffs.

The book follows the main character Hannah who discovers the sinister secrets of the cove on a weekend away with her friends.

It is a prequel to her first novel Obsidian White, published last year.

The 29-year-old mother, pictured, who lives with husband Peter, 29, at Castle View, has already written the third book and she hopes to write the fourth instalment by the end of the year.

The books are known as the White Light Chronicles and she plans seven instalments in total.

Mrs Rodwell, who publishes under her maiden name RJ Truman, said: “I loved reading books like Twilight Saga, they have always been something that I am interested in and I thought that I would like to write my own.”

She is currently on maternity leave from the White Row Farm Shop in Beckington after giving birth to son Zac Rodwell who was born on April 16.

The book can be bought at: www.amazon.co.uk/ Vampire-Cove-Cliffs-White-Chronicles