TOM Edwards, who went missing after a night out in Swindon last year, died from multiple traumatic injuries after falling out of a train, an inquest has heard.

The 32-year-old Nationwide worker, from Derry Hill, disappeared after a night out with friends at Rudi’s in Regent Circus on June 28. The last people to see him were two on-duty police officers, who dropped him off at a bus stop by the Outlet Village.

But when police scanned CCTV footage at Swindon railway station he was seen boarding the 11.21pm train to Bristol Temple Meads.

When he failed to return home, a five day search by friends, family and police began and his body was eventually found near the railway line between Chippenham and Bath Spa.

Coroner David Ridley, who recorded a narrative verdict, said Tom intended to get off the train at Chippenham and when he missed his stop he climbed out of the window.

He said: “Tom boarded the service from London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads that evening, boarding carriage E. His intention I’m satisfied was to get off at Chippenham and then to run home. He was a keen sportsman and enjoyed Ironman triathlon competitions.

“I have heard evidence that he did indicate that he had a habit of falling asleep on such occasions, on trains and buses. He did not get off at Chippenham Train Station and I’m satisfied that on the balance of probabilities he realised he had missed a stop and then for whatever reason he climbed out of that train.

“There is no evidence before me to suggest that any of the doors on that train had suffered a failure in the door mechanism. That would have resulted in damage to the train doors and of course at a routine inspection no flaws were found with the train in that respect.

“That leads me to the only conclusion that Tom, who was a very agile individual, was able to climb with his slim build out of the window. He fell backwards out of that train tragically to his death.”