A bicycle repair project has been saved from the scrapheap and is freewheeling into a new home.

The Spindles and Sprockets project used to meet every Saturday at the Community Centre in Corsham to offer a maintenance service to local riders, but had to move out when it closed last month to make way for the new Campus development.

However, after appealing for help in the Gazette and Herald the organisers have been offered a lifeline, and hope to move into the Corsham School soon.

Co-founder Richard Moulton said: “We have an agreement with Corsham School to site a container on their property, and operate out of that.

“It will take a bit of time, two or three weeks to get all our stuff in there. It’s all gone into storage now, so we can’t really operate at the moment, but we should be up and running in about three weeks’ time.”