THE County Ground Bowls Club was broken into over the weekend and £100 was taken from a till unit inside the main clubhouse.

Derek Caddy, 65, the club secretary, has appealed for anyone to come forward with information and assist Wiltshire Police with their enquiries, while the club mops up the damage.

The incident happened some time between 4pm on Friday and 2pm Saturday, when Mr Caddy returned to the club, having locked up on Friday afternoon.

He said he found the mechanism which controls the shutter on one door smashed to smithereens when he arrived on Saturday, and a metal panel prised open where the culprit climbed in.

“It would have to be some skinny person, because there’s a bench in front of it, bolted to the ground,” said Mr Caddy.

The secretary said none of the drinks behind the bar or in the kitchen had been taken and it was the cash alone which had been taken from a till smashed on the floor.

Anyone with information should contact Wiltshire Police on 101.