SWINDON MP Justin Tomlinson has been named as one of the country’s most responsive MPs, according to website WriteToThem.com.

WriteToThem provides an easy way for people to contact their elected representatives, even if they’re not sure who they are.

In 2013, the site was used to send 103,965 messages, of which 132 were sent to North Swindon MP Mr Tomlinson. A total of 89 people answered the follow-up survey to see whether Mr Tomlinson had replied. His high result puts him third in the league table.

Two weeks after sending a message through the site, users are asked whether or not they received a response. The answers go to make up WriteToThem’s ‘responsiveness league table’, just published for 2013.

Myfanwy Nixon, marketing and communications manager at mySociety, the organisation that runs WriteToThem, said: “Well done to Justin Tomlinson – he has shown that it’s possible to keep up with the hefty mailbag that comes with an MP’s position.

“MPs are elected to represent us, help us, and listen to our problems. While they have many duties, responding to their constituents should be given high priority. Poor performers may counter that they would love to respond to more mail, if only they weren’t so busy – but I'm sure that Justin Tomlinson is busy too.”