PUPILS at Dauntsey Academy Primary School in West Lavington demonstrated entrepreneurial skill by raising money for charity.

Each of the 178 pupils was given £2, then they formed groups across all age groups to work out how to spend their money.

The ideas culminated in an enterprise market, held at the school last Friday.

Stalls ranged from hoopla to smoothies, skittles, guess the teddy, a penalty shoot-out and throwing a plate of cream at a teacher.

The most successful enterprises won milkshakes.

The stall that made the most profit was the Fizzies, selling fizzy pop or cordial. It pipped Sparkle and Shine, doing car washes, by 31p.

The joint efforts meant that, after repaying the school its £2 stakes, a £255.51 profit could go to the Nestling Trust, which aims to build an orphanage in Nepal.

Headteacher Robert Lakin said: “The children did a fabulous job. They thought of lots of excellent initiatives in which to invest the money and almost all the groups made a profit.

“The entrepreneurial skills, team work and leadership was phenomenal. I was proud of them and it was a testament to the children it was such a successful day.

“They had a few days to come up with a name, a business plan and promote it. The range of activities we had showed that the children had really thought long and hard about it. I have promised them we will do another enterprise week.

“I would like to thank the parents and teachers for their hard work but, most importantly, the children. They agreed unanimously to give all the profits to the Nestling Trust.”