A couple who have run Bradford on Avon’s Post Office in Trowbridge Road for 20 years say it will be a big loss to the community when it closes next month.

The Post Office and convenience store has been on sale for the past four years but due to no buyers it will close its doors on July 18.

This comes despite 40 residents attending a meeting with Post Office representatives last year to see what they could do to help.

Bill and Jill Sherman, who run the Post Office, having been looking to retire for some time.

Mr Sherman, 68, said: “We have enjoyed being part of the community but we have reached the age past retiring.

“We don’t know why it didn’t sell. The estate agent and Post Office don’t know why either.

“The community got involved but they simply didn’t have the funding.

“It will be a big loss to the community. We also provide electricity and gas keys, do the Lottery and deliver shopping.”

Mrs Sherman, 66, said they were undecided if they would continue living in the property or move on to pastures new.

She said: “We haven’t had a holiday since 2000 so after Christmas we are going to Australia, Sing-apore and Malaysia. Bill wants to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The world is our oyster.”

The couple have a daughter in Durham and a daughter in Norfolk and five grandchildren. They said they were looking forward to spending more time with the family.

People will now have to travel to the Post Office in Budgens, Lamb Yard, or to Trowbridge Post Office.